Wynn-Smith Landscape Architecture, Inc. (WSLA) was established in 1993 based on the desire to develop projects that are holistically environmentally sensitive and to create a working atmosphere that fosters close and long term relationships with our clients and site users.

With these objectives, we have had the wonderful opportunity to design outdoor spaces across the United States, Europe and Mexico. Our work involves all phases of master planning, design development, construction documents and construction administration for Equestrian Facilities and Farms, Cattle Ranches, Habitat Restoration, Schools, Commercial Properties, Residences, Churches, Resorts and a variety of other projects that do not fit under any neat category.

WSLA comfortably works on projects as either the lead design consultant putting together a team of architects, civil engineers, biologists and artists or as a consultant to the team put together by others.

Design Philosophy

In the beginning of each project we ask ourselves, "What does the space, or the use of the space really reflect?” The answer, when thoughtfully considered, will guide the design of the overall layout of spaces as well as the details, whether it be an urban public space or a small residential garden. The result is a design that is inspiring, harmonious, and unique.

Throughout the design process, it is most important to our philosophy that the client remains involved so that the project reflects not only our vision but meets the needs and desires of the client/users. As our interaction with the client expands and after studying the site's natural characteristics, such as geographic local, soils, vegetation, terrain, winds, sounds, smells and views, the vision for the project begins to unfold uniquely to that site.

To ensure that we develop the most creative, safe, site sensitive and timeless design solutions, we maintain a close working relationship with biologists, architects, engineers and artists.