Italian Villa in Encinitas | Encinitas, CA

Whether walking through the plantings on either side of various pathway textures, sitting in one of the many places to rest and admire both close and distant views, eating a lemon while in the small citrus grove or sneaking a grape from the vineyard that is bisected by the winding driveway, one is reminded of a villa in the hills of the Tuscan region of Italy.

Although there is a strong sense of structure throughout the property, the edges softly blend into the next with careful attention to how the plantings, walls, and ground plane work together and complement each other and the natural landscape beyond.

We are grateful that our clients enjoy nurturing this landscape.

Project Details


Location:Encinitas, CA

Size:1.5 Acres

Services:Concept Design, Construction Documents, Construction Administration

Started/Completed:2006 - 2010