Rancho Santa Fe Equestrian Residence | Rancho Santa Fe, CA

What a fun project this was!  The project began as a residential master plan with the focus on designing several turn-out paddocks, shade structures and addressing vehicular access to an existing barn.  In the middle of the process, Anne researched a new way to provide healthy living spaces for her horses and we immediately fell in love with the concept, which kick started our own research into what is known as Paddock Paradise.

Instead of turning their horses out into a typical grass or dirt area, the horses are turned out into a “track” that circles an existing sand arena.  Throughout the track, the horses walk through naturally shaded areas with trees with hay net feeders, sunny areas with water and feeders and in between these spaces, there are minor obstacles through and over which they must walk giving them a variety of experiences which improves their mental condition.

With this layout, the horses are continually moving, which simulates the life of horses in the wild.  It is interesting that Anne and Steve feel like their horses are more a part of the family now with this new layout.

Project Details

Client:Anne Adair and Steve Ganzberg

Location:Rancho Santa Fe, CA

Size:3 Acres

Services:Master Planning and Construction Administration

Started/Completed:2018 to 2019