Landscape Architecture, Inc. (WSLA) was established in 1993 based on the desire to develop projects that are holistically environmentally sensitive and to create a working atmosphere that fosters close and long term relationships with our clients and site users.

  • Steve Berrol, President El Caballo Conservancy
  •  Tim and his team expressed strong values about protecting the environment and using natural elements. All this resulted in a master plan that exceeded all expectations.  ...Read More

  • Karen Mandell, Bentley Real Estate
  •  I cannot begin to say enough about Tim Smith. He understood what the goal was and presented us with a layout for a one of a kind park.  ...Read More

  • Leslie F. Elmer, Community Member
  •  I have the highest regard for the integrity, the respect, the careful analysis, and product development of Wynn-Smith Landscape Architecture.  ...Read More

  • Steve Rossi, Architect
  •  I am pleased to recommend Tim Smith and the firm Wynn-Smith Landscape Architecture for consideration of all Landscape Architecture services. Tim's design skills should be commended and Wynn-Smith is there when problems need to be solved.  ...Read More

  • Lorene Norris, President
  •  Tim Smith has been instrumental in providing the experience, knowledge and expertise to help make our dreams of a one of a kind exhibition, breeding and boarding equine facility become a reality.  ...Read More

  • Ian J. Kay, AIA Architect
  •  Another important aspect of Tim’s working method is his willingness to listen to the needs of his client. These skills coupled with his outstanding creative abilities are essential to the success of his design work. His attention to detail and follow-through is outstanding.  ...Read More

  • Randy and Mimi Moore
  •  In his creative final design, he incorporated all of our needs. We trusted him to oversee the project while we were away for a month of vacation.  ...Read More

  • Carl L. Strona, FAIA Architect
  •  Being a team player means carefully listening to and understanding the client’s needs and desires. Tim takes great pride in meeting these needs with new and exciting designs. His designs go far beyond the usual aesthetic considerations.  ...Read More

  • Sergio Contreras, Treasurer
  •  You were a great help in selling the idea and plans to the City of Escondido. You made everyone feel at ease and want to work together.  ...Read More