Poway Residence

Poway, California

On the upward approach to the house on the hill, views of a natural looking water feature that is an attraction for wildlife including deer, lead you to the craftsman style home surrounded by a variety of color and texture contrasts within the planting and natural paving materials. See more examples of WSLA residential work by visiting the featured project galleries below.

The driveway quickly loses its identity as a driveway and takes on more of the qualities of a path moving through the landscape so that the focus is on the beauty of the landscape –both nearby and distant.

To address the City of Poway’s requirements for fire truck access, a very low water use lawn was used on top of a unique invisible substrate that will support a fire truck and the occasional need for guest parking without having a sea of paving in the natural landscape setting.

The combination of native and drought tolerant plants are used to conserve water, maintenance and energy while providing changes in color and textures throughout the year. The landscape design provides for intimate seating areas for one or two people but also addresses the clients’ desire for spaces comfortable for large gatherings.